Patterns Podcast

Every week I look for the patterns in real estate development and urban planning. I read and watch hundreds of pieces of content and discuss the best, in less than 10 minutes, every week.

Learn the patterns of development

My experience being a small, human scale, developer has taught me that this shouldn’t be difficult. And yet it is.

I want to share the best of what I’ve learned with you as I continue to learn. 

The patterns I look for is the evidence, the data, to help back up the decisions I make for future developments. I want you have to that data and to learn these patterns with me so that we can make our cities just a little better.


About Kyle.

My journey into real estate began similar to most. I was looking to buy a house. As I started to learn more, and recognize how I wanted to live, I learned that I need to think differently.

I quickly realized that if you’re not buying a single family home, there’s so many different “languages” you need to learn to speak, and patterns you need to identify in order to be a successful.

Patterns of Development is my way to share what I’ve learned with you. Learn to speak the language of real estate, learn from the masters, and start to understand the patterns of development. 

Kyle Gulau

Just listened to episode 1 with my morning tea. I thought it was interesting in its content and accessible in the way it was presented. Congratulations, I look forward to hearing more. And thank you for the shout out!

Raffy B.


Jamauri B.

This is great - the newsletter and podcast have taught me more about my cities than I've ever learned. Keep going!

Ariel P.

Discover the patterns

Everyday I search for the patterns in real estate development. I read and watch 100’s of pieces of content and send the best to your inbox every Thursday, so you’ll always have inspiration and some new tricks up your sleeve.